Are mink lashes really cruelty-free

Are mink lashes really cruelty? With the improvement of living standard, beauty lovers have higher and higher requirements on eyelashes, Because mink eyelashes natural realistic, elegant shape, luster, Deeply loved by customers. But for many animal lovers, they worry that mink eyelashes are really cruel.

           Mink lashes really cruelty-Natural shedding of raw materials

Although the eyelashes of mink are made from Siberian mink, But mink lashes really cruelty? our raw material is the hair that mink shed naturally shed . not cruel. Lashesprda as the world’s largest eyelash manufacturing,we have very strict requirements on raw materials. We study eyelash in the human body is thin. So only hair on the tail of a mink ,within two years of age is acceptable. We pick the best raw material from the mink’s naturally shed hair. We only choose high-quality raw materials,and then after more than 20 processes,to produce the most natural and realistic eyelashes.      

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As the leader of lashesprda eyelashes in the world,we always pursue the concept of natural and environmental protection, so our eyelashes are the same idea,without any killing. The eyelashes we design are deeply loved by celebrities,and beauty bloggers, many famous international stars also wear our eyelashes. Because insist to the concept of environmental protection,Each eyelash we design has its own soul.

Because of this idea our eyelash business is getting better and better. During the epidemic in 2020, many industries were affected, but Our eyelash business is getting better and better , more and more people have started the eyelashes business, earn their own extra income. The short supply of the market .and has driven some economic development, For 2020 we have designed many new material lashes, like wand lashes, It sold very well in the second half of 2020. This is the introduction and style of wand lash, if you like, you can click here to learn more. If your income has been affected by the epidemic, then join our eyelash business. Direct contact me by whatsapp:+8617669652217 or follow my Instagram:lashesprda_minklashes. Let us help your eyelash business grow.         

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