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What Are Mink Eyelashes?
Mink Lashes are considered the best hair to use in making Natural-Looking Lash Strips and lash extensions. These are also Natural Mink Lashes, but they don’t deliver the same stunning, glossy quality of 3D Mink Lashes.

There is zero dyeing or other chemical processes involved when a woman chooses to wear Mink Eyelashes. Mink Eyelashes is a natural beauty cosmetic that adds dimension and allure to a woman’s own lashes.

Mink hairs create incredible Mink Lashes Strips to put on and can totally transform a face in mere minutes. No one can tell you’re wearing Siberian Mink Lashes; they look real and human-like.

Natural Lashes give you a natural-looking. They’re also super-light and have wispy ends, which feel really weightless on the eyes while still being noticeable. And Here Lashesprda has so many different styles to choose.

Hot selling Natural 3D Mink Eyelashes

In addition to the natural eyelashes, we also have eyelashes specially designed for party and dance parties, holiday eyelashes, holiday eyelashes and natural eyelashes are not the same, holiday models have more personality, if you want to know more, please click here.

Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors Shipping Details

Usually, we use DHL to ship the goods. The Express cost is only usd25.00 below 0.5kgs.  It will take 1-2working days to reach your side. It is fast and safe.

Others are also ok, There are many many express companies in China, as the UPSFedEx, TNT, ADPEXDPEX and so on. Just meet your request.

How To Choose The Best Natural Mink Lashes For Yourself?

Many eyelash businessmen don’t know how to recommend eyelashes for customers. Today I will teach you a few ways to make it easy for you to recommend your customers how to choose the most suitable eyelashes.

The first is the length. Different lengths of eyelashes have different effects on the eyes. The longer the eyelashes are, the more presence the eyes feel and look larger. The shorter the length of eyelashes, the weaker the magnification effect of glasses. You can choose the length of eyelashes according to your own eye characteristics. However, you need to consider the distance between your upper eyelids and eyebrows, and choose the appropriate length of eyelashes.

The second is the curl of eyelashes. The curl of eyelashes needs to consider the depth of the eye socket. The shallower the eye socket is, the larger the curl of eyelashes is, which will enlarge your eyes and make your eyes look good. On the contrary, if your eye socket is deeper, you should choose eyelashes with smaller curl, which can give you a better experience.

Third, the thickness and density of eyelashes. When making heavy makeup, the more makeup you have, the thicker and denser eyelashes you need to choose. If you just make up, you can choose eyelashes according to your preference. The thicker the eyelashes, the more you can express your personality, the more stage effect.

Fourth, the characteristics of eyelashes. You can choose the characteristics of eyelashes according to your personal preferences. If you want to highlight your sexy and unrestrained character, you can choose the large cross eyelashes of 25 mm-28 mm. If you just want to highlight your flexible and lively character, you can choose the short cross eyelashes of small cross. Different eyelashes can give you different effects.

We focus on the eyelashes business and know how to choose the most suitable eyelashes for customers. I also hope this blog can help you learn to choose eyelashes for customers and make you more professional. I hope you can sell better. If you have other questions or want to cooperate with me, you can contact me.

How to order Wholesale Mink Eyelashes


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