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There is a sayings in China:The best horse has the best saddle. So Best eyelashes need a good Eyelash Cases, False Lash Packaging,eyelashes packaging box, lashes packing boxes. The eyelash packaging boxes  is not only to protect the eyelashes, but also a great way to promote your brand.  Lashesprda has various eyelash case bulk for you to choose. If you just start your lashes business and don’t have sufficient funds,I suggest that you could start from sample box . That will save you a lot of money.

How to customize your own lashes packaging boxes?

 Lashesprda not only a Eyelash Manufacturers but also a eyelash case vendors,eyelash packaging box vendors. we do eyelash case wholesale, Custom Eyelash cases, custom eyelash cases wholesale, ideas for packaging eyelashes. create your own eyelash packaging box. diy eyelash packaging box. Eyelash packaging ideas. what shape of eyelash box do you want? We have a variety of boxes for you to choose from. There are rectangular, square, diamond and other shapes of packaging boxes.

Round Eyelash Case Wholesale,Round Eyelash Case

Custom Diamond Packaging Box

Custom Colorful Eyelash Box ,DIY Lash Boxes

Custom Stock Packaging Box,Mink Eyelash Pack

The Size Of Your Eyelash Packaging

Some eyelash trays can hold one pair of eyelashes, and some can hold two pairs of eyelashes or even, according to your size, we will also give you suggestions. Can provide you with customized packaging.

The Color Of The box

The color is divided into outer packaging color and inner packaging color, our company provides you with the packaging color to produce the box.

This is the most important step for your Personalized Eyelash Cases , which means that your own brand will be sold to the market. It is also the first step in starting your false eyelashes career. So you must send me the source file of the logo, so that I can help you customize the eyelash box to show the best results.We can print different logos on different eyelashes packaging boxes.

The material of the eyelash boxes

Different materials give people different feelings, and different eyelash packaging boxes with different eyelashes may have different effects. You only need to tell me your needs. We can determine the material of the packing box according to your needs.

Custom logo on the lashes packaging boxes.

Now many people choose to customize their own logos in order to open up the eyelash market, so that they can register their own brand, let others remember your products, enhance your product brand awareness, and then you will have many repeat customers, and your old customers will Introduce your brand and products to your new customers so you can expand your eyelash business.

lashes logo
lahes logo

Before designing a logo, you need to understand what a good logo is. Logo is an image that can be bound to brand products. The first impression is very important. A good design must be understandable, and it can also be used to help spread.

First, what information do you want to convey when designing the logo. The answer is the brand and the name. For a customized logo, first make clear who you are. If you want to make your own eyelash brand logo, then you better have a pattern about eyelashes in your logo so that everyone can Use your logo to determine what business you are in.

Second, how to make your design more effective? After clarifying the information to be transmitted by the logo, the design can be done correctly. The correct logo is the super symbol of the brand. You must have your own creative design, so as to make communication easier. The creative design will make people feel interesting, and once it appears, it may leave a deep impression.

Our company can provide you with the best eyelashes and the most value-added accessories to help you better sell eyelashes and promote cooperation between us. look forward to your reply!

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