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Lashesprda is engaged in wholesale lash supplier. As a professional eyelash factory, we have more than 15 years experience of produce lashes and lash prodcut, such as eyeliner, eyelash packaging and faux mink lashes vegan lashes. We design eyelashes specifically for Europeans and Americans. We can design different beautiful eyelashes for people with different eyes and faces, but Europeans are different. They have different eyelashes than Americans.Many customers are willing to call our eyelashes the most fancy fake eyelashes.

Our designers have many years of life experience in Europe and America. We know how many people in Europe and America like eyelashes. False lashes are a non-interchangeable daily necessity for them, and Lashesprda first launched 25mm mink lashes wholesale, which are the industry’s 25mm mink eyelashes. Once listed, it won unanimous praise from the European and American markets.

Our 2022 hot selling false lashes can always sell well in the European and American markets. After choosing us, many eyelash merchants have received generous returns. This is also the responsibility of lashesprda and our pursuit. We always consider everything for our customers. . We know that in addition to quality lash products, we should also have a better service to receive our eyelash customers, so that customers can really like our false mink eyelash.

READY TO SHIP: False Eyelashes Wholesale & Eyelash Supplier

The Origin Of Timely Delivery

Ready To Ship:Also called timely delivery.We found that many customers will ask when the time of delivery and the shortest delivery time. For the delivery problem, we specifically introduced timely delivery, which factory produce in advance, stock up, and ensure the shortest delivery time at the same time keep high quality.

High-end lashes are in short supply in the market.To ease the sense of urgency,Ready to ship mink lashes makes customers  receive our false mink lashes more quickly, seize the opportunity and push to the target market.

When the customer is in urgent need of False mink lashes,RTS can help you.This can bring you customer flow, speed up the turnover of goods, enhance credibility.

Hot selling mink eyelashes 3D Mink Eyelashes

Hot selling 3D Mink Lashes

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Our aim is to bring beauty to the whole world,And encourage women to be confident and gorgeous.

Lashesprda:As a reliable Lashes factory & eyelash manufacturers & false eyelashes wholesale have helped many customers to success.

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