Round Eyelash Packaging Box

As a professional Eyelash packaging box supplier, Lashesprda can customize any round eyelash package. According to the material, we wholesale round clear acrylic eyelash package, paper round eyelash package. Gem acrylic eyelash packaging box with mirror . These customized round packaging boxes are very light and convenient to carry.Let’s enjoy the lovely round packaging box below.

Paper Round Eyelash Packaging Box

gold glitter specialty paper Round Cardboard eyelash packaging with ribbon    63x63x33 , 18.3g

Gold glitter paper round lash packaging box , diy eyelash packaging wholesaler

white specialty paper Round Cardboard eyelash packaging with ribbon 63x63x33 , 18.3g

White paper round cardboard eyelash package, customized lash boxes

black specialty paper Round Cardboard eyelash packaging  63x63x33 , 18.3g

Black paper round cardboard eyelash cases with private label

Clear Acrylic Round Eyelash Case Box

Black Round  Flip Top plastic eyelash box  With clear Window  74x74x16, 43.9g

Black round flip top Acrylic eyelash case box with private label

gold Round  Cartoon Characters Flip Top plastic eyelash box  With Mirror  75x75x20,38.9g (2

Gold round cartoon eyelash case private label, gold eyelash case bulk

Black Round  Flip Top plastic eyelash box  With clear Window75x75x17, 35.4g

Black round Acrylic eyelash cases , cheap lash case in bulk with fast shipping

Gem Acrylic Round Eyelash Packaging Box

Round  Flip Top Acrylic eyelash box  With Mirror 75x70x18, 80.4g

Different color acrylic round lash packaging, cute acrylic lash tile and case

blue Round  Flip Top eyelash box  With Mirror 75x70x18, 80.4g

Sparkling gem face acrylic lash storage box,acrylic lash box with high quality mirror

Lashesprda not only a Eyelash Manufacturers but also a eyelash case vendors,eyelash packaging box vendors. we do eyelash case wholesale, Custom Eyelash cases, custom eyelash cases wholesale, ideas for packaging eyelashescreate your own eyelash packaging boxdiy eyelash packaging boxEyelash packaging ideas. what other shape of eyelash box do you want? We have a variety of boxes for you to choose from. There are rectangular, square, diamond and other shapes of packaging boxes.

If you have your own logo, all of our eyelash packaging boxes can be printed with a logo to help you create your own brand.If you don’t have a logo, Lashesprda’s clients can design the logo for free, which can save you at least $30-50. If you wanna check more customzied eyelash packaging box please click here .

Round Eyelash Cases FAQ

Q: Can i put my logo to the round eyelash cases ?

A: Yes hun , all round eyelash packaging box can print your logo

Q: What other round eyelash case do you have ?

A:Hun these round lash cases in bulk no quantity limit , any other round cases we need to custom, that need at least 100 pcs . if you need other material or pattern. please contact with our customer service .

How To Order Round Eyelash Cases ?

If you like our round eyelash case and would like to order or ask more questions, please contact our customer service Ada. as below .



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