Summer Tips For Summer Lashes

Okay, so it summer and you are outdoors more and you are living your best life! You feel amazing and have woken up that morning with a perfect set off lashes ready to start the day. If you want your lashes to last along with the amazing feeling of I woke up like this. There is some advice you should follow. If you donot know how to choose summer lashes for your summer makeup. And at here You will also make new discoveries. Summer Tips for summer lashes.

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You should always wear sunscreen when you are exposed to the sun. However, when you have your extensions in. It is important to select the right one for you face. Many sunscreen lotions contain oil which is eyelash extensions worst enemy, however don’t worry there are sunscreens out there will little to no oils in. If you don’t have any oil free sunscreen just be super careful when applying any near your lashes!

Take Care after Swimming

The chlorine in the pool is really bad for your Mink Lashes as it can affect the retention which lead to them falling out prematurely. Water than is not clean or salt water will also effect the retention so if you must go in follow this advice. After swimming, always make sure you rinse your 3d mink lashes with clean water (you could keep a bottled water on hand) and pat them dry.


Another summer tips for summer lashes . Try to avoid getting hot and sweaty in the sun as this will damage the retention which leads to premature fall out. However, if you do get hot and sweaty you should keep your lashes dry. If sweat does come in contact with your extensions give them a little wash with some clean water and be sure to dry them.

How to choose summer lashes for summer makeup

Summer girls prefer a fresher look. So summer lashes are more suitable for natural mink lashes, and natural 3d faux mink lashes. More light and comfortable. As a famous false eyelash wholesaler. Lashesprda design unique summer lashes for summer makeup. Summer luxury 3d faux mink lashes. 100% vegan can be worn 25 – 35 wears if looked after. Also we have a promotion now please direct Collection your favorite style contact with us .

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