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What are wand eyelashes?

After lashesproda introduced mink eyelashes, some vegetarians can’t accept our mink eyelashes because they think our marten eyelashes were obtained in a cruel way. Lashesproda insists on collecting naturally fallen mink tail fur in a healthy way. We adhere to the principle of harmonious coexistence with nature. We will never harm any animal because of mink hair. However, this can not be accepted by vegetarians, who have no choice but to choose velvet eyelashes. However, although the velvet eyelashes are also very light and glossy, compared with mink eyelashes, they still lack the natural effect.

Lashespda provides customers with the best eyelash products and the best service. For consumers who like lasheprda, we specially developed this product magic wand eyelash for customers in order to let them experience the lashes of lasheprda.

Why do customers like wand eyelashes?

Our wand eyelashes were first proposed by the lashesprda team in the industry this year, and we have adopted new designs and materials. Our designers develop materials for vegetarians and some consumers in the Middle East. We have been exploring how to combine the natural characteristics of mink eyelashes with the glossy features of velvet eyelashes, and keep the eyelashes light and comfortable to wear and look natural.

So after months of research, we finally found a material called bamboo protein fiber, which is quite suitable for eyelashes. This eyelash not only maintains the natural characteristics of mink eyelashes, but also looks like your own eyelashes. It also keeps the characteristics of velvet eyelashes, which is full of luster and makes your eyes look more attractive.

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