What improvements did lashesprda make

In order to make the eyelashes more curled, the eyelashes suppliers generally provide chemical treatment and styling, that is, what is the nitrate syrup used for perm for styling. After you have permed your hair, do you still remember the taste? That’s right, what a sour potion smell!

If you think about it again, is there any chemical smell in your eyelashes? This is what nitric acid is! The eyelashes we use are in close contact with the skin. If our skin is in contact with the chemical potion for a long time, the eyes will have a strong sense of discomfort. This kind of eyelashes treated with the potion will contact the skin for a long time. The damage caused by the skin is terrible!

However, the curling of our eyelashes is heat-treated by physical properties, without any chemical treatment, and our eyelashes do not have any odor. We can confidently say that only our family has this technology in the world. This technology is also our core competitiveness , We all have environmental certificates, click here to see our certificate (make a certificate page)

The eyeliner glue of our products is soft and durable, and when used properly, it can ensure that the hair is not easy to fall off! And it bends naturally, making it easier for consumers to wear!

Other eyelashes and eyeliner glues on the market will harden and break easily after being left for a long time. It cannot be naturally curved after being removed from the holder, so it is difficult to wear!

Even after you swim or soak in water, the shape of our products will remain the same after natural drying!

The other eyelashes on the market have no hair tips and are easily deformed after water!

Bringing you beauty, products are natural and environmentally friendly, and taking care of small animals is also our responsibility!

Bringing false eyelashes produced by our company is an intimate contact with nature and small animals! Each hair is crueltyfree, the raw materials are sterilized by high temperature, no odor, no bacteria! You can use it with confidence!

This is why lashesprda eyelashes are in short supply!

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