What is the mink lashes?

What is the mink lashes ? Mink eyelashes are made for people, who love beauty and pursue high quality, Consumer has strict requirement to themself. Have strict demand on their life,  have strict demand on their career, have strict demand to detail, So mink eyelashes were born.

                    Good raw materials

In order to ensure the nature of eyelashes, we study the human eyelashes are thin. only less than 2 years old tail mink hair meets the requirements. we found that human eyelashes are cylindrical, with hair peak, we choose from the hair of mink, and select hair peak is straight as raw materials. However, the selected mink hair is not make eyelashes directly. We need to go through more than 20 high-tech treatments. such as disinfection, dyeing hair ,scale removal and so on. And prepare for eyelash shaping.

                     Design concept

Designers have high-end concept, according to different trends, different people, different ideas, different aesthetic, to design a natural, open, conservative, bold style. As well as the study of consumers’ eye shape and skin tone. Design the different groups for people. So let everyone’s characteristics are more beautiful .

lashes designer

                     Worker’s rich experience

Our workers are very patient with aesthetic feeling. Everyone has more than 7 years of experience, understand the intention of the designers, to pursue beauty. They use teweezer one by one , Placing the selected hair in the correct position according to the drawing. According to the concept of the designer made a prototype, Then the prototype will be placed silica gel bonding, we choice of environmental protection of the human body silica gel , workers have very high patience, to require extremely high ambient temperatures, In order to let look line of less than 2mm adhesion strong, make sure the eyeliner soft comfortable and perfect.

making lashes process

                         Finalize the style

The most important is to set, according to different style warped degree to production, According to the thickness of eyelashes, we use different formula processing, heat treatment and cold treatment methods, the unique formula to make eyelashes appear a disorderly ,beauty, and then for quality inspection, Finally remove the unqualified mink lashes.

mink lashes

The eyelashes are made in this way. A seemingly small and simple eyelash needs a lot of time and patience to be made, This is Mink Lashes, Our luxury mink lashes style click here , A luxury item that adds color to yourself. if you like MInk Lashes too , you can follow my instagram lashesprda_minklashes.

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