Where To Buy Eyelash Glue Pen

As one of the important eye makeup tools, Eyeliner Glue Pen is another important tools for girls to make make a professional and amazing eye makeup.

Today, Lashesprda will show you more about the Eyelash Glue Eyeliner Pen. which will help you a lot to buy Eyelash Glue Pen Wholesale.

First, What is Eyeliner Glue Pen?

As you know, the eyeliner glue pen is the updated new lashes tools in the market. More and more girls would like to buy eyelash glue pen in stead of the eyeliner and eyelash glue. And eyeliner glue pen is a mix of the eyelash glue and eyeliner, easy to use and efficient to make a professional eye makeup.

eyeliner glue pen wholesale

Second, What does Eyelash Glue Pen cost?

As you know, we are Eyelash Glue Pen Vendor in the USA. and we supply competitive wholesale price to our customer according to the quantity. You can buy them from Amazon, and the retail price is 7.69 USD. And if you buy them form us, that will too much cheaper than Amazon. that’s why so many buyers would like to choose lashesprda to be the Eyeliner Pen Vendor.

Because we supply best cheap wholesale price to our customers. And we have no MOQ limit, so they can get the best price. If you want to know the details now. Please click WhatsApp, we will give you a good wholesale price.

Third, How long does the eyelash glue liner pen last?

Well, it depends on the volume you buy. Usually they can use more than 50 times, buy if you buy the bad one. They don’t tell you the lifespan, and you may just use several times, you have too throw away.

And our Lash Glue Eyeliner Pen can use more than 100 times if you use with a gentle way.

So when you buy the Eyeliner Glue Pen Wholesale. you should not only keep an eye on the price, but also ask the lifespan and volume. Because you can see easily . so you should test if possible.

how to use eyeliner glue pen

Fourth, How many color do you have?

There are too many color eyelash glue in the market. But the Clear Adhesive Eyeliner Pen and Black Liquid Eyeliner are the bestseller.

So if you buy bulk eyelash glue eyeliner pens , you can try these two kinds lashes eyeliner, and if you do any color,we can do that for you. Click below whatsapp order from us .

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