Wholesale mink lashes and packaging-3 most popular in 2021

Wholesale mink lashes and packaging-3 most popular in 2019

It is there Wholesale mink lashes and packagingto shine your beauty.—Lashesprda

  • The first mink lashes and lashes packaging

Speaking of Official mink lashes,I have to say our fluffy mink lashes. it is 5D lashes on the picture. It makes you look more gorgeous when you wear them. We all know that,high-end eyelash box can increase our eyelash sales.So here I recommend diamond lash package. You also can put your logo on box. Be your own unique lashes brand. As we can see from the picture,they looks very high-end grade.From the sales volume of our customers,Almost 600 a month.
  • The second mink lashes 3d and lashes box design

The second type of eyelash box is our common rectangle. How to make common eyelash package become unique? It depends on the material of the box and the design of the logo. Common materials on the market are ordinary paper, special paper and star flashing paper. Special paper looks better than ordinary paper.But if we mix star shining paper with specialty paper, it’s perfect.This is the lashes case with the box below.
  • Wholesale mink lashes and packaging

The 25mm mink eyelashes are very popular in the us market. If you are new to the eyelash business, I suggest that you use 25mm lashes to open up the market. Despite its small size, this box can hold long eyelashes.

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