Cat-eye makeup with Luxurious Mink Lashes

It is there to shine your beauty . —Lashesprda

  • The origin of cat-eye makeup

it is attributed to Cleopatra who is the ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra would go heavy on eyeliner to protect her eyes from the sun and evil. In Ancient Egypt, cats represented beauty, grace, and protection.

Ladies in the 70’s upgraded the cat-eye with heavy false eyelashes. If you have tried 3D  luxurious Mink Lashes once,Please accept the fact that you are addicted forever. No makeup looks complete without Mink Lashes.Supermodel Twiggy and singer Diana Ross debuted with bold lashes cat-eye makeup.

Until now, Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn and actor Dilraba would wear 20MM luxurious Mink Lashes to modify cat eye makeup during a grand occasion or TV talk show.

  • Raw materials of cat-eye lashes from Lashesprda:

Luxurious mink Lashes: In order to ensure the softness of the hair, the hairs are from all 1-2 years old. We use the longest hairs on the tail of the mink. It is not easy to break. So We can use Mink Lashes for 25-30 times if use properly.

transparent band :Unlike most false eyelashes, the choice of raw materials is transparent band, which break the limitations of the black band. It make our eye makeup more agile.


  • Feature of cat-eye Mink lashes:

Firstly,The front end is short , It lengthen  from the middle to the end. Cat eye lashes is favorite for ladies of close set eyes.They can perfectly balances the flaws that the inner corner of the eye are too close to the nose. More infoCLICK HERE

Secondly,they are very natural-looking lashes.We can use them in different situations.Like:wedding、work place 、college、party or even big event.


Last but not least, We are comfortable wearing Mink eyelashes .  If we work with uncomfortable false eyelashes for a whole day. it will not only affect the mood, but also affect the work.

Here are more styles that can create cat-eye makeup CLICK HERE

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